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Come here to create your characters. Do not begin posting until your character has been accepted by one of the staff members.
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All characters player created and up for adoption are posted here. The Canon list however is located in the Create board.
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Come here to plot with your characters, and other people's characters. We recommend creating a character and thread tracker to stay organized.
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Feel free to post drawings, fanfiction, whatever you do that is creative. Let us see what you can do!
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↞ The Pridelands ↠

Pride Rock is the large, majestic kopje that is the gathering point for all animals of the Pridelands. This is the home of the Pridelanders, a large pride of lions that that rule the territory. When stepping foot on the ancient rock you will feel the age old traditions seep into you; the knowledge that countless generations of lions have lived, fought and died beneath your very feet.
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Sacred Peak • Main Den • The Lair of the Lion Guard •

The area is a vast open space filled with acacia trees, lush green grass and bountiful bushes. A clean dirt path leads the way from the nearby cliffs which overlook the plains.
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Mizimu Grove • Big Springs • The Water Hole •

Kilio Valley is a seemingly small valley surrounded by many willow trees and a few scattered acacia trees. There are several rocks scattered around the area, and a dirt path leading across it.The elephant herds live here, and it is a place of mourning when they lose a loved one.
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Ndefu Grove • Aardvark Dens • Big Ravine •

The Flood Plains contain several small patches of land surrounded by a vast water supply. There are several areas where vegetation is stunted thanks to the Hippo Lanes, whilst others have large bodies of grass reaching out. Much of the area is covered in dry cracked ground, with rocks of varying shapes and sizes scattered around. Some trees also overlook certain parts of the Flood Plains.
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Lake Kiziwa • Urembo Meadows • Mapema Rock •

The Ukuni Woods is a large area of woodland near the end of the Pride Lands. There are many acacia trees spread out here, along with the occasional thorn bush.
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Lake Matope • Flat Ridge Rock •

Nyani Grove is a location in the Pride Lands. It is home to Big Baboon's Troop. Nyani Grove is a relatively flat area, composed of tall trees with many branches. A few large boulders also jut out from the ground.
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Hakuna Matata Falls • Mapango Cliffs •

Rocky Plains is a vast grazing ground. As the name suggests, it is littered with rocks of all shapes and sizes, jutting out from the thick grass. Some acacia trees are also present.
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Mekundu Cliffs • Embamba Canyon • Rocky Ridge • The Gorge •

The Mbali Fields is an area of land mostly covered with lush green grass, with patches of soil and tussocks dotting the landscape. The land is strewn with pale gray-brown boulders and trees.
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Chekundu Cliffs •

↞ The Outlands ↠

Broken Rock is a location that is considered neutral territory between the Outlands and the Pride Lands. Broken Rock is located in a vast wasteland. The area is composed entirely of jagged rocks and cliffs, and only a small amount of light is able to reach across. The grounds are cracked all over, and no plants or foliage grow anywhere in the vicinity. The rock itself is split into two halves.
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Watering Hole •

The Lion's Den is a large rock formation that looks a little bit like a lion's head with stalagmites and stalactites resembling teeth. Inside is a pathway leading to a large open space surrounding by imposing walls outside.
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The Jackal's Cave is a large bundle of smooth rocks varying in size all pushed together in a pile. Inside, the rocks become more rigid, with one resembling a small podium pushed against a wall. A single shaft of light enters from the front.

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The Outlands Volcano is a tall volcano filled with lava, of which can sometimes be seen flowing out of the crater. Dangerous steam-powered geysers brandish the outer rim of the volcano, and rivers of lava lazily flow through deep fissures in the earth.
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Hyena Den •

Rocky Plateau is a steep rock formation, with a crater inside which can be accessed from canyons below. The top is littered with large rocks of various sizes.
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The Termite Mounds •

The Elephant Graveyard used to be a sacred place, but was overrun by hyenas due to the easy meal of decaying large prey. Now that Scar is dead and his hyenas have been run out of the Pridelands, the Elephant Graveyard is desolate and abandoned. A vine of volcanic gases runs underneath parts of the graveyard, spouting up in fiery green geysers.
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↞ The Backlands ↠

The Acacia Woods is marked by a Moja Kwa Moja Stone as one of the landmarks on the path to the Tree of Life. It is known to be a place where leopards roam.
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There is much vegetation everywhere, with many large trees overlooking the land. Bushes are also present, though not quite as abundant as the trees.
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Surrounded by vegetation even in the Dry Season, the Watering Hole is described as being the largest watering hole in the Back Lands. A large waterfall provides plentiful amounts of water to two individual watering holes. They are surrounded by a few rocks of varying sizes, with several trees not too far away providing shelter.
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Mirihi Forest is a vast woodland area filled with acacia trees and a vast amount of other greenery, much of it on low hills. Whilst there are some dirt paths and a few rocks, the majority of the area is surrounded by vegetation.
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↞ The Wild Lands ↠

The Desert is a vast, barren land. The occasional Oryx herd travels through here to reach the Gorge's supple grasses. The Desert is south-east of the Western Hills and west of the Gorge.
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Desert Plains •

Far west from the Desert is the Jungle. A beautiful and lush location that is full of rare foliage and animals alike. It is only here that you can find the delicious Okapi and the dangerous Gorillas. In the center of the Jungle are massive waterfalls.
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Paradise Falls •

The Theluji Mountains is an area located just outside the Pride Lands. It is home to the gorilla king. They have raised mounds and hills in many places, with a variety of different plants and bushes that are able to survive the cold temperatures scattered around. Snow covered rocks are also hiding around the area. Some cliffs are completely covered in frigid ice.
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Gorilla Cave •

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Come here to talk about whatever.
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